474 Migrant worker | Nursing Term Paper

Invisible America: The Migrant Story – YouTube
1) What are the attitudes of health care providers toward migrant workers?  How does the culture of the migrant worker clash with the culture of the health care system? 
2)Search the Internet for the most recent information on migrant workers.  Try these key words:  migrant, health, farm worker, back side worker, rural, and horse tracks.  What resources are available locally and nationally? 
INFO: People have very different opinions of the migrant worker.  Some people will uphold the notion that America was built on immigration.  Other people will defend equal rights for all people.  However, stereotypes exist in America, particularly for the migrant worker.  Some Americans believe that migrant workers are all illegal aliens who have come to take away jobs from American citizens.  This attitude makes it very difficult for a migrant worker to obtain or sustain a job.  Migrant workers are often viewed as substandard when in reality, a migrant worker can be the hardest worker of the force.   This module will explore the plight of the migrant worker.