4Ps Analysis Paper

Analyze the same product that you choose for your STP analysis and examine the product’s

marketing mix, namely, 4Ps (product, pricing, place, and promotion).

Outline: You could follow the suggested outline below:

A. Product

Describe the product and its relevant product dimensions (e.g., branding, functions,

attributes). Examine the core customer value the product provides and how it satisfies its

target customers’ needs and wants.

B. Pricing

Examine the product’s pricing strategy.

C. Place

Examine the product’s marketing channels and distribution strategy.

D. Promotion

Examine the product’s promotion strategy.

E. Your Evaluation and Recommendation

Linking with your STP analysis, critique the effectiveness of the product’s 4Ps and make

recommendations. For example, is it appropriate for the target customers you identified

in STP? Does it reinforce the company’s/product’s positioning strategy? What is the

company doing well, if anything? What mistakes, if any, is it making with its current

strategy? Recommend improvements and/or additions to the company’s marketing

strategy to make it more effective.

F. Reference

Provide your reference list.
Cover Page: Must include assignment title, your name, and your student ID #.
Page Limit: Your paper should have a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 5 pages,
single-spaced, 12pt font size, excluding reference list and cover page.