77. Write 2 pages cases analysis.

Write 2 pages cases analysis. The analysis must follow the given format. I have attached all the requirements and materials. Thank you!
Case Analysis Paper FormatEach case analysis paper submitted should include five sections:1. What is the key problem or challenge facing the firm that you will try to resolve2. Your external analysis (the industry and economic environment)3. Your internal analysis (the firm’s internal resources and capabilities)4. Two mutually exclusive alternatives that solve the problem5. Your recommended chosen alternative course of action and justification for thealternative you have chosenA guideline for case analysis is provided separate to this syllabus will be available on thefirst day Blackboard is opened. Case analysis can be no longer than two- to two-and-a-halfpages (single-sided, single spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, 1” margins throughout). Usethe five headings above (those in bold!) for your case submissions. Up to two additionalAppendix pages can be used for supporting information, references, tables or figures. Eachcase should be submitted to SafeAssign on Blackboard and should be submitted in WORD.Please note that I want you to only refer to the case when completing a case analysis and writeup.Do NOT use any other external references for ANY case analysis.