A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

Part 1 – Creative Retelling
Imagine that Williams’s play is written for a modern audience: Blanche is a cut throat business executive, while Stanley is a kept man with fading looks. Rewrite one scene (or part of a scene) from the play based on these role reversals, which takes place in a major metropolis like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.
Part 2 – Reflection and Analysis 
Explain the writing choices you made and how your version compares to the original play. Which scene did you retell? Would the issues of rape, reputation, and public perception change as a result of your revisions of place and character? How does your self-analysis (or your script) specifically connect to class discussions we’ve had over the course of the semester, either to Street Car specifically, or to discussions about the short stories from earlier in the semester? Tip: You may want to review Canvas modules (for agendas, links, supporting documents) as well as your own notes and reflections you’ve taken during our classes over the semester. Include at least one quote from the play in your reflection/analysis and a works cited page.