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Topic: Administration of Justice LESSON #10 – Chapter 10 Responsibility Ten: Issues
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Class: Administration of Justice 15 – Police SupervisionBook: “Supervising Police Personnel: The Fifteen Responsibilities”Seventh Editionby Paul M. Whisenand,PEARSON PUBLISHINGISBN 13: 978-0-13-245758-3LESSON #10Reading assignment: Chapter 10Responsibility Ten: IssuesKey points:•• Supervisors are responsible for motivating their staff to accomplish the mission for the department•• The reason for having motivated workers are improved job performance and high job satisfaction•• Motivating others starts with you. Motivation and performance are not the same•• Motivators can be intrinsic and/or extrinsic•• There are several theories on human motivation. They are broadly categorized as either needs or process•• Individuals’ job satisfaction measures, once combined, depict group morale•• No longer can supervisors avoid the power and practicality of recognizing and rewarding their staff•• The first and most critical requirement when praising people is sincerity•• While everyone is capable of benefiting from being motivated to achieve the department’s mission, there are usually a few who resist doing so
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: After reading Chapter 10, please answer the following essay questions. You will be graded on the thoroughness of your responses. Please rewrite the question first (copy/paste) and then provide an answer.
1. Considering the 80-20 rule of supervision, select two types of problem employees and discuss.Answer:What solutions can you offer?
2. After you hear the phrase, “I want to see his supervisor” describe the phases of a citizen complaint.Answer:Why is this necessary and important?
3. What types of actions lead promote sexual harassment?Answer:How do you protect against sexual harassment?Answer:
4. What is the relationship between motivation and performance. Is there a direct correlation, such that when one goes up so does the other, or are they always tied together?Answer:
Is it possible for these to move in opposite directions?