American Express Marketing Case Study Analysis

Determine the problems American Express faces.
Assess the SITUATION American Express faces, including the FUTURE direction of the company. Provide well-reasoned and full-blown situation analysis (going beyond simple SWOT matrix).
Determine the MOST FEASIBLE ALTERNATIVES American Express should consider (not to exceed 3), discussing the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.
Select the BES ALTERNATIVE as your RECOMMENDDATION, outlining why and how it is IDEAL in meeting the objectives/criteria of American Express.
Provide a (virtual) ACTION PLAN, elaborating how the strategy may be executed, the time horizon for the plan, the budget and so on..

Executive Summary. Problem Statement/Brief outline of case. Extensive Discussion of the Situation facing the company (also known as Situation Analysis). This section is more than SWOT Matrix. (Your SWOT Matrix may be placed in the Appendix). Alternative Analysis. Recommendation. Action Plan

4-6 pages, excluding cover page and attachments. One and half or double space, font size 11 or 12, Times new Roman.