american government

Please answer four questions from numbers 1-9.
You are expected to cite valid sources throughout your paper. Books are acceptable, including ours, but be sure to list page numbers.
These questions are open-ended. Have fun but remember to stay on topic.
The paper should be four to eight pages in length, in total double spaced. This pages each of the four questions should be 1-2 pages. If you need to write more, feel free.
If you have questions e-mail me. It is better to ask questions to be sure.
No Wikipedia or any invalid sources, including SparkNotes

Discuss three things a government must have to function correctly. Of the three legitimacy, sovereignty, and authority, which is most important to maintaining power?
Why is the social contract important in explaining how government works or should work?
Compare and Contrast at least three ideology’s discussed in this chapter. What does ideology tell us about many political positions we see taken on many issues?
Discuss the main ideas of Federalism in the U.S government. Does the system serve our government well? Yes or no. Why?
Does the system of Checks and Balances serve our government well? List examples of yes and no.
Discuss the elite versus pluralism problem. How can the role of interest groups in politics help solve or contribute to this problem?
What are some ways the average voter can increase political efficacy? How does political competence play into this?
What is public opinion? How can we be sure it is measured accurately? Hint: How is an accurate poll conducted?
Discuss the importance of framing. Cite examples of this concept that show it’s essential.