Annotated bibliography – 1000 words !!!! 2 pdf reading required !!!!

Due date: 12 PM Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) 30th September 2021This is Assessment 2 out of 4 from the subject Sustainability. Please check submitted Assessment 1 before starting this assessment.THE STUDENT’S CHOSEN TOPIC IS EXTREME CLIMATE EVENTS – BUSH FIRES IN AUSTRALIA)  I have attached 2 readings (2 PDF files).YOU ARE REQUIRED TO READ THE 2 PDF READING FILE THOROUGHLY!!!! For each reading PDF file:• Write a 250-word summary paragraph that summarizes and paraphrases the key ideas and/or arguments in the core reading. (Use your own words; do not quote from the reading.)• Write a 250-word commentary paragraph that explains the links between the core reading to your chosen scenario and scope. To do this, explain: how and why this source is relevant to your chosen scenario; what information, sections, themes, or examples are the most relevant ones? For example, are they relevant because they help define or explain an aspect of your scenario or do, they provide solutions or that could be applied to your scenario? NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED AS THIS ASSESSMENT WILL BE SUBMITTED INUNIVERSITY TURNITIN.Reference details are not included in the word limit of this assessment.