answer 2 discussion question

*This post should not be attempted until the readings have been reviewed.
For this discussion post option, develop your post based on the format below.
Once again use the Situation, Behavior/Action, Outcome/Result to organize your discussion post. Think of a situation where discriminate or evaluative listening was required of you.

Describe the situation or circumstance.
Explain the message that you believe the sender was trying to communicate or did communicate.
Describe your listening behavior/feedback; note verbal and nonverbal aspects that comprised your feedback.
Describe the outcome in terms of the success or lack therof of the communication transaction. Did the way that you listened influence the outcome?
Cite points of information or conclusions drawn from the reading. One point made from each of your 3 reading/video choices is sufficient.

Read the articles and identify any 3 elements of nonverbal behaviors that you exhibit as you communicate messages in the workplace or classroom settings. (May be elements of posture, movement, eye contact, facial expression) Based on the information in the articles, do these behaviors enhance or detract from your messages? Explain how.

*please make sure to answer all the questions above, each question should not be less then 550 words.
*please see the file attached, file 1 is for question 1 and file 2 is for question 2.