answer 2 essay questions

A. In 1913, Mother Jones said: “The world is suffering today from an industrial yellow fever, not less fatal, but I am certain, as preventable.”Yellow fever was caused by mosquitoes so Mother Jones continued, “Search for the mosquito!That ought to be a slogan with investigators on both sides of the labor question.”(1) Why was Mother Jones considered the most dangerous woman in the United States in the early part of the twentieth century? [Hint: You will find the information you need in Chapter Three but for those fascinated by this indomitable champion you can find more fascinating information by looking at the page “Who Was Mother Jones” (under the “Information” tab) on the “Mother Jones Museum” web site.](2) What is the mosquito that causes the labor problem according to each of the four schools of thought on resolving the labor problem?(3) What is the role of independent labor unions according to each school of thought?Be sure to explain your answer to each subpart of the essay.
B. (1) Describe how the Knights of Labor (KOL) and the American Federation of Labor (AFL) differed in their views of efficiency and equity.(2) The AFL was created out of frustration with the KOL and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) was created out of frustration with the AFL.What was the source of frustration for the AFL (toward the KOL) as well as the CIO (toward the AFL)?(3) How did the open shop movement and welfare capitalism differ in terms of management’s response to employees’ desire for voice?Be sure to explain your answer to each subpart of the essay.