Answer questions

In the article “No More ‘War on Coronavirus’: In Search of Better Ways to Talk about a Pandemic,” Kate Yoder asks us to think about the metaphors we use to talk about the pandemic. She refers to the multiple war metaphors we rely on to describe our experience of it and to rally people to do what is needed to end it. She points out the limitations of war metaphors when she says, “[r]esearch shows that the metaphors of war narrow our point of view, blinding us to alternative ways to solve problems.” In turn, she offers some possible alternatives: natural disaster metaphors, sports metaphors, education metaphors, arts metaphors, and light metaphors.
After you’ve read Yoder’s article, answer these two questions:

Is the language we use when addressing a collective problem like the spread of COVID-19 important? Explain your reasoning in your own words.
What type of metaphor do you think we should use to talk about the pandemic and why? You can choose any of Yoder’s suggestions. You can make an argument for war metaphors. Or you can offer a suggestion Yoder didn’t refer to.