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This is it!  I have enjoyed having you in class and I hope the topics we have covered enriched your knowledge concerning children. For this discussion, talk about what you enjoyed about the class. What were the important concepts you learned that you will take to future classes, your work, and possibly as a future parent? What topics should be added that we did not cover and should have for future classes? I have enjoyed reading your discussions and your critical thinking assignments this semester. Hope to see you in future classes. Your discussion is due by December 1st. 

From this child psychology book

Required Textbook:
Title:         Child                                                     Child
ISBN       978126347391 (LL + Connect         9781264347445 (ebook + connect)
Author     Gabriela Martorell                              Gabriela Martorell
Publisher  McGraw Hill                                        McGraw Hill
Edition       2e                                                         2e
Date Pub  2020                                                    2020

Chapter 2-14