art history 13

 You will write a paper of 3 pages (doubled-spaced) on a single work of modern art (for our purposes, a work made between 1839 and 1939). You may choose this work from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena (exibits can be found online). Needless to say, the work should be currently on view, and you will need to go see it in person—maybe more than once! (Please check museum websites for visiting hours, rates and discounts.) You will provide a thorough physical description of the work including artist’s name, title, date, dimensions, medium/materials—but more importantly, a description of what the work looks like, the artist’s approach to making it, and so on (approximately 1 page). Think about what makes this work different than any other work. You will provide the historical context for the chosen work. This may include relevant information about the artist, related works by this artist or other artists, and any applicable art movement(s). You should refer to primary and/or secondary texts to develop this context (1 page).  
You will construct an argument for why the work you have chosen is “the epitome of modernism”—in other words, a work that might stand in for modernism as a whole. To do so you will need to define the concept of modernism andexplain how this concept is manifested in the physical fact of the work chosen. Again, you should refer to primary and/or secondary texts to develop your argument (1 page).  You are required to cite at least three (3) references in your paper, at least two of which should be primary texts assigned in class. The third reference should be from a book or journal.You should use parenthetical citation, endnotes, or footnotes.
  Readings: chearles baudeaire, “the Painter of Modern Life”Edgar Allan Poe, from “The Man of the Crowd”Champfleury, “The Burial at Omans”Stephane Mallarme, “Neo-Impressionists and Edouard Manet”Felix Feneon, “Cesanne”Henri Matisse, “Notes of a PAinter”Peter Watkins, The CommuneMarcel Duchamp, “The Richard Mutt Case”Alfred H. Barr, Jr. “from Cubism and Abstract Art”Meyer Schapiro, “The Social Bases of Art”Clement Greenberg, “Avant-Garde and Kitsch”Moira Roth, “Duchamp in America: A Self Ready-made”Andre Breton, “From the first manifesto of surrealism” “Surrea;ism and painting” and “from the second manifesto of surrealism” (p. 447, 457, 463)
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