The Idea:
The following online extra credit can be used to earn 5 points on your exam. In order to receive full credit, assignments must be submitted before the deadline and show evidence of learning . (I’m basically trading you 5 points of information you learned outside of class for 5 points of information you didn’t know on the test – show be sure to have something to trade!)
This assignment should be about a page in length
Total extra credit for exam 2 is capped at 10 points (2 assignments) per exam. Extra credit does not carry over from exam to exam.
Go the the website of the California Secretary of State and go to the sections that details ballot measures (propositions).
California Ballot Measures (Links to an external site.)

Choose 1 ballot measure. In a page, summarize the idea of the ballot measures, as well  the pros and cons of enacting this measure. In a few sentences, tell me why you are/are not in favor of this measure.