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 Paper Overview & Preparation for Writing For the final paper in this course, you will be creating a hypothetical organization and you will use concepts from this class to guide your description of this organization. Consider this an ideal organization, as in, this is how you think organizations should be. As you describe this organization, make sure that all of your choices are justified and explained with course concepts. Youre the founder and the boss of this hypothetical organization so you can do what you want, but your decisions and choices have to make sense and be explainable. Paper Content At a minimum, your paper should address the following issues: the “organization concept” (what is your organization about?), its vision/mission, products/services (this is important for us to understand your organization but dont overdo it); management philosophy (assumptions that guide the organizational practices); the desired culture for this organization & how that will be achieved; the organization’s structure; leadership strategies; conflict management strategies; decision–making strategies; assimilation practices; etc. In addition to these concepts, you should also connect with other course concepts to help explain your organization as appropriate. The final paper should be 4–6 pages in length, not including the cover page and the reference page. The bulk of the concepts that you connect with should come from your textbook, class lectures, or any of the other readings and/or videos that I assign. Consult with me if you are considering sources other than those just listed. If you use sources external to the course materials, make sure they are credible sources and cite them appropriately (but remember, the large majority of the concepts that you connect with should come from assigned course materials). Evaluation Your paper will be graded based on how well you’ve incorporated the ideas and concepts from your text, the class, and other related sources into your paper. You will also be evaluated based on how well all of the ideas that you connect with make sense together (i.e. the logic you use must be clear and make sense), and how well you follow the directions in this rubric.