Business & Data Analytics – Discussion

Look up a public company’s financials. A public company is a company that sells stocks on the stock exchange; For example, Google, Nike, and Proctor and Gamble (try an uncommon company). You will look at their quarterly records of revenue from the past five years (20 quarters). You will need to use Excel or other data analytical tools.

1. The first component is to do a time series analysis of the company’s revenue. You will provide trends, such as seasonality, cyclical fluctuations, and irregular variations. Then discuss the “why” behind those trends. Explain in-depth.

2. Once you complete the time series analysis, create a forecast of their potential revenue. Explain what methods you decided and why?

3. You should provide a written narrative, graphs, and figures.

Need 3 – 4 pages, APA formatted with peer-reviewed citations.