Business Project Management

PART ONE: Discussion – Succesful vs Unseccesful Project — Due Tuesday 10/3/17
(Needs to be 150 words)

Successful project management requires a clear and approved plan, as well as fluid communication between the project team members and stakeholders. Included in these groups are the project manager, functional managers, functional employees, senior staff, and of course the customer. Project managers are responsible for all elements of the project and they must continuously balance outcomes, schedules, and resources in order to accomplish the project’s objective within the time and budget guidelines.
With this in mind and after conducting your own research on the matter, do the following in your initial post:

Identify and discuss a successful project and an unsuccessful project with which you are familiar. (If not familiar, conduct research)
Include what you would say distinguishes the two, both in terms of the process used to develop them and their outcomes?

Some concepts to consider as you are researching this project involve the following keywords:

Project efficiency
Impact on customer
Business success, and/or future planning.

PART TWO: Mod 1 Course Project – Memo to Executive Staff
To begin your course project, make sure to READ over the Course Project Introduction BEFORE you start this assignment. For this assignment you will be writing a 1-2 page professional memo (template linked below) to your company executive staff addressing the following points:

Name of your company (You are NOT choosing a new company; you MUST use the information in the Course Project Introduction. You are just naming the company with the information from the Course Project Introduction as your guidelines)
Provide an introduction of the program based on the project overview
As the program manager, what is your initial assessment of the program?
What do you believe your first action as the Program may be with this project
List at least 3 initial concerns with the program
Memo conclusion

Memo Template
Course Project Introduction

Below is the scenario for the course project assignment. You are assuming the role of the project manager for a company (you select the name) to provide a new product (Backpack with built in refrigerated pouch and radio module) to a customer ( U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations). Each week you will be presented additional information on the project and will be required to produce a weekly deliverable in support of the project.
The course project is designed to address the course objective as well as incorporate each of the weekly modules objectives. You will be required to submit a final paper on the project addressing all of the objectives described in the project summary.
Your company was recently awarded a delivery contract on a new product (see below). You were newly hired by the company; you will assume the role as the assigned program manager overseeing the design, development, production and delivery of the new product. The details below provide a summary to the course project:

Company type (name your company): A small defense contractor located in the United States of America
Company size (employees): 100
Product: Backpack with built in refrigerated pouch and radio module
Awarded quantity: 200 units (100 assigned to Ground Forces / 100 assigned to Special Operations)
Program Budget: Proposed award: $1,500,000
Customer: U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations
Award date: September 1, 2015
Completion date: March 1, 2017
Delivery schedule: 100 units 12mths ARO (after receipt of order). 50 units every 3 months after first delivery
Milestone Schedule:

First delivery: September 1, 2016
Second delivery: December 1, 2016
Last delivery: March 1, 2017
First milestone payment (from customer): October 30, 2015
Second Milestone payment: January 30, 2017
Final Milestone payment: May 30, 2017
Initial Program review (at the customer’s site): November 16, 2015
Subsequent Program reviews: 6 months after the initial review

Expected Result from Senior Management:

On-time delivery for the three stated product deliverables
Desire to complete the total program under the stated budget of $1,500,000
All milestones accomplished by due dates listed
Supplemental (follow-on) contract for future additional units (backpacks)

Your final project is due in Module 06. There will be individual assignments along the way. The module they are due is noted in the time line below.




Memo to Executive Staff


Identify Overall Scope and Analyze Unexpected Events


Statement of Work (SOW) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


Quantify, Qualify, and Evaluate Project Risks


Finalize Project Schedule and Mitigate Any Delays


Prepare a Final Project Report

The final report due in Module 06 will be 8-10 pages in length. Included in the final project report will be the following:

Executive summary
Project background / project overview
Major Activities / Milestones
Project Closure synopsis
Project metrics Performance
Project Management Issues
Project Closure Recommendations

Each assignment leading up to the final assignment is evaluated and graded independently. Your instructor will provide specific grading criteria for each step of the project prior to its due date.