Career Analysis Paper

You are required to conduct a career analysis for a real estate job (e.g., management, marketing, etc.). Students may use O*Net ( to help identify the jobs.  The analysis should include the following information:o What is the job and their general descriptions (this needs to be brief, 3 sentences)?o What are the typical requirements for this job?o What is the typical pay-scale for this job?o What is the outlook for this job (growing or decreasing number of job openings)?o How is technology (automation) or economic trends (e.g., tariffs) currently influencing this job?o Based on the above information, are there any notable similarities (e.g., jobrequirements) or differences (e.g., future outlook) between other jobs in business? Whats due You must submit a double-spaced 2 page paper (not including title page or references) answering the above questions. Papers must use a minimum of 2 references, using APA format, and contain a reference section. Papers will be graded on the quality of the presentation (writing, structure, and organization) and the quality of the responses to the above questions (adequately researched, and clear and thoughtful answers).
 Please note: copy/pasting text from websites directly into the paper is considered plagiarism. You can use quotes, Like this (Lowman, 2020), if appropriately cited. But, excessive use will result in point deductions due to a lack of original content