Charges of Abuse and Unfair Treatment of Blacks at the Hands of The Police in America

Charges of Abuse and Unfair Treatment of Blacks at the Hands of The Police in America
Charges of Abuse and Unfair Treatment of Blacks at the Hands of The Police in America

The assignment is completed I just need all the pieces in one document and to include an abstract…. and references in APA 7th edition … all times new Roman 12 font ( not the coding chart)
The Final Project is composed of six steps. These are presented in the video, and the instructions for each step are described in detail in the week each occurs
Step I: Revising the problem/purpose statement and choosing the approach (Week 5)- see attachedStep II: Developing an interview guide, invitation, and data collection protocol (Weeks 6 and 7) -see attachedStep III: Conducting the interviews, taking notes, and journaling (Week 8)- see attachedStep IV: Transcribing and organizing data and peer debrief (Week 9)- see attachedStep V: Considerations for qualitative analysis, including analysis plan, coding strategies, and software choices (Week 10)-see attached
Step VI: Final submission and reflection (Week 11)-see attached

Abstract Title page

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study


Summarize literature from your prospectus, annotated bibliography and articles you found in this course that points to a gap in the research that is worthy of further study

Research Problem

State the research problem in terms of the gap in the research literature
Frame the problem in terms of how further research could be of benefit

Purpose Statement

Use the template to present your statement that includes

Target group/individual/organization/event of interest
Phenomenon of interest
Terminology that indicates the approach to be used

Research Questions
Conceptual or Theoretical Framework

Present the framework that you have revised from your prospectus

Chapter 2: Research Plan

Research Design: Choice of Approach

Describe the Phenomenon of Interest
Description of Approach

Rationale for Chosen Approach

Role of the Researcher

Reveal any personal and professional relationships you have with the participants
State how biases will be managed

Participant Selection

Describe the target group of interest
Describe the sampling strategy and ideal sample size (if you were to conduct this as a real study)

Describe the criterion for sample selection (if you were to conduct this as a real study)

Describe how participants were be contacted and invited for this effort


The Interview Guide

Describe the basis for development (literature, theory, personal experience) of the interview questions)
Describe efforts to insure content validity and credibility

Describe other data sources (e.g., journal, notes, video)

Describe how and how

Procedures for Data Collection.

Please include a narrative of

Where/how the data were collected
Duration of data collection events
How data were recorded
How the participants were debriefed
Ethical procedures to protect the participants during the recruiting, data collection and debriefing process.

Data Analysis Plan

Repeat the purpose and research question
Describe the plan that best fits the chosen approach

Describe examples of codes and categories you developed

Describe considerations for choosing QDA software

Issues of Trustworthiness

For each dimension of trustworthiness describe (a) what you did [if anything]; and (b) what other strategies could be considered if this was your dissertation


Chapter 3: Summary and Reflections


Restate research purpose and question

Reflection on Social Change

Discuss the relevance of your proposed research to Walden’s mission of social change

Reflection on Course Learning

Reflect on what was learned about conducting qualitative research

Next Steps

Consider your next steps in preparation for the dissertation