cis 438 intellectual property laws and security measures

Intellectual property law is a major issue facing organizations, and many organizations have been fined significant amounts for violations of intellectual property law. As an information security manager in an IT consulting company, your executive management team is concerned about the potential intellectual property violations in the organization. To address these concerns, they have asked you to develop an intellectual property policy to implement within the organization.
Develop a policy document in which you:

Provide an overview of intellectual property law.
Describe who the policy applies to.
Create policy, standards, and guidelines concerning:

Ownership of company material

Develop intellectual property violation reporting procedures.
Develop intellectual property infringement ramifications.

Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

The written paper must follow these formatting requirements:

Include page numbers.
Use 1-inch margins.
Use Times New Roman, or Calibri font style.
Use 12-point font size for the body of your text.
Spell out numbers (one, two, three, and so on).
Use double spacing throughout the bod.
Use the point of view (first or third person) required by the question guidelines.

Section headings should be used to divide different each content areas (items a-d above). Align section headings (centered) on the page, be consistent, and include at least two section headings in the question.
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