Communication Situated Practices questions

You will primarily be assessed on your ability to explain ideas from the course in your own words. You may quote from the readings (cite the author and page number), but not from the lecture slides.
1. Discerning Sub-Social Worlds (about 3 paragraphs)
Consider an Italian Crime Family in a city as a Social World. Using the film Goodfellas, can you identify 2 sub social worlds and describe what makes them sub social worlds. First, define sub social worlds. Then make your case for your selected sub-social worlds.
2. Concepts through Situated Practices (about 2 paragraphs)
Let’s begin to define and describe situated practices through some concepts our texts have introduced. This is meant for you to begin working out your own thinking and description about situated practices.
Pick 2 of 3 (1 paragraph each) and explain how a situated practices perspective helps the authors understand key concepts about social life. Explain a commonsense way people think about the concept and how situated practices expand our perspective.
● identity (Alim)
● place (choose Massey or Ingold)
● disability (McDermott).
3. Nonhuman/Human relations (about 4 paragraphs)
Here is a pair of objects: The foam cube microphone we use in class versus the lavalier microphone that the Professors wear during lecture.
(a) Analyze the social scripts that are embedded in the objects and compare the two objects. You may use the DO-DON’T model of scripts from the lecture slides as a format. (about 2 paragraphs)
(b) Why are nonhuman artifacts the missing masses? Why do we care about them as part of situated practices? (2 paragraphs)