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After completing FLIGBY, scenes 1-19, and the assigned readings, you will focus on ways to manage conflict in the workplace and to empower employees. Part of your challenge will be to recognize common difficulties you and other managers might have in delegating. What are the inner motivations that keep you and others from delegating work? What are the outcomes and challenges from under-delegating? How do these problems affect conflict resolution?
This Assignment requires that you identify at least three employee conflict situations that you have observed in FLIGBY. Identify the players, and then speculate about each employees†motivation(s) behind their position in the conflict. You will pick one of these conflicts, and outline a plan for negotiating through it to reach a resolution. Then, you will assign tasks/responsibilities to each party that reflect the outcome(s) of the negotiation. Explain how you believe this delegation will help solve the conflict. What challenges will your approach likely bring? How will you overcome those challenges?
Alex is the Chief wine maker
Rebecca Sabe is the Sales manger
Ellen McMason is the tasting and hospitality room
3 employee conflicts.
Alex Davenport wanted to focus on quality and Rebeca wanted to focus on sales.
Alex was motivated by quality of the wine and living up to the companies values.
Rebeca is motivated by sales and the potential of expanding the customer base
Rebecca did not want Ellen to be in the wine tasting room.
Rebeca focused on Ellen age as a reason why she should not be in the tasting room rather than her skillset.
Ellen believed she was a good fit for the position due to her ability to create a welcoming environment and showcase the companies connection to the community
Alex wanted to get rid of the lower quality wine by disposing of it, Rebecca thought it would be best to make profit off it since it was already made and a customer agreed to purchase it.
Alex wanted to push the ideal of quality and leaving the lower quality wines alone and focus on high end wines.
Rebeca understands that the company has to be profitable and agrees to discontinue the wine but sell it the remaining inventory to make profit from.
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