Computer Science

This is specifically about libguides of content management system referred shortly as CMS. 

Goal: Using the sources provided to write about specifically about libguides, why it is significant, and the pro/con is provided to the academic university library. As well as the history of libguides from the 1990s (dark ages/stone age) to the current year, how it has developed throughout the years, the features it has expanded, and its impact. It needs to be thorough and have the sources to interconnected with the information that is written in the essay. All these species need to talk about regarding LIBGUIDES of content management system, not just content management system, not academic libraries. Preferably support it with data in the source as well. Thanks. 

The attached files are what I have worked on for this project already, and it is able used as background knowledge of what I like it needs to be, but it is nothing significant, therefore; you are allowed to get creative and create your own work without regarding of the files I provided. 

Additionally, the citation pages’ word count is not considered to the total word count. Feel free to ask me any new questions. I am here.