Contrast and compare two international

Contrast and compare two international NGO (non-governmental agency) approaches to a global health care concern, e.g. maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, malaria. How do they differ in strategic approaches to the problem, organization at the international and local levels, and funding? Do they focus on particular countries where the disease is burdensome? Do you think that their funding is adequate? Are there any ethical issues facing them as they deliver services? Please critique the strengths and weaknesses of their approaches to the international health problem, rather than summarize their websites.
AIDitional Specifics for this paper:(a) Use quotes sparingly. The majority of your paper must be written by you. Taking text from a website or article and changing a few words does not make it your own words.(b) One of the goals of this paper is to find relevant scholarly references. A minimum of five (5) scholarly references from peer reviewed, professional journals are required and this count does not include the required readings.(c) The following website is a good resources on ethics: In aIDition, of particular interest to health care administrators, are the ethics and resources of the major health care management professional association, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). They have a library of freely available health care management ethics tools and a code of ethics for health care administrators,
This is a major research paper, eight to twelve pages of text in length and requires you to assess the degree to which a health care industry managerial practice is ethical. It is worth 30 points. Three (3) points of this paper will be given for submission to the Writing Tutor by the due date assigned in your Course Schedule. As with other papers, the eight-twelve pages of the body of the paper do not include the cover sheet, the abstract, the reference list, and any appendices (including graphs, tables and figures). This paper requires a cover sheet, an abstract, a body of the paper and a reference list. Absence of any of these will cause point deductions. AIDitional paper items, such as appendices, graphs, tables and figures, are not required, but may be included, in support of your paper’s discussion.