Cultural Influences Christmas in August Music Essay

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Mardochee Richard
April, 17tn 2021
Walden University
For the final project milestone, I intend to visit a theatre to watch drama and live plays. The theatre production landscape is one of the breeding grounds where raw talent is developed into excellent work of creativity and fun. I am always astounded by the work choreographers, designers, film directors, and music directors, among other people in theaters, put in behind the scenes to produce creative content and ensure viewers have a good time. Given the number of people and coordination on stage, I am interested in learning how to set up plays and what goes into ensuring theatres deliver outstanding dramatic performances. Unlike television content, live performances such as comedy and plays provide the viewers with relevant content that makes one feel energized and relaxed due to interactions with performers.
In my view, since events in theatre unfold in real-time, theatre actors show exceptional talent compared to filmmakers. Filmmakers have room for trial and error since they have several takes, unlike theatre actors (Leach, 2017). Thus, my goal is to experience and understand how actors perfect their scenes all the time without the luxury of editing, as is the case with films. According to Leach (2017), theatres usually present the best actors for a role since there is no chance of manipulating anything on stage. Since it is intriguing to experience some of the best actors performing, I want to understand why theatre performances compel more than movies. In addition to enjoying the performances, there is so much to do, and one can easily share laughter, drinks and interact with other people. One such theatre that you are guaranteed to find good content, fun, and relaxation is the Emerson Colonial Theatre in Boston. Cultural Influences Christmas in August Music Essay
Leach, R. (2017). Theatre Studies. Routledge.