Debunk Internet rumors

Learn how to debunk Internet rumors, it’s good to get familiar with, which in April 2020 was featured on the TV show “Jeopardy. Preview the document”Read Wikipedia’s (no date) entry on Snopes.comPreview the document.Read Eddy’s (2014) article, “Meet the Mysterious Creator of Rumor-Debunking Site, Snopes.comPreview the document.”Skim-read through’s (no date) fact-checking of rumors about the creators of Snopes.comPreview the document.From (Links to an external site.), find out the truth about five non-political Internet rumors or urban legends that are interesting to you.By “non-political” we mean NOT “pertaining to the government or the public affairs of a country,” meaning not about government, government officials, such as Congress members, or candidates (past or present) for political office.Some examples of non-political Internet rumors or urban legends, which you can use for this assignment, are the following: Is throwing rice at weddings bad for birds? Preview the document If you go swimming less than an hour after you eat, will you get stomach cramps? If you swallow chewing gum, will it take seven years to digest? Does our hair grow back darker or thicker after we shave it? Do we use only ten percent of our brains? Did Coca-Cola use to contain cocaine?To learn how not to be tricked by satire websites:Look through this list of satire websites review the document.WatchCNN’s Anderson Cooper (Links to an external site.)

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The post Debunk Internet rumors first appeared on nursing writers.