Dimensions on Wellness

It is a well known and indisputable fact that wellness is a value which has multiple facets which are also well known, with the facets being: physical, emotional and social wellness. At the same time, wellness is seen as a value which is caused by a myriad of many factors which are dependable on the choices and judgments that an individual arrives at and acts upon. The veracity of this standpoint is to be seen in Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, Jeremy Garelick and ToID Philips’ 2009 movie, the Hangover. The movie is actually an American comedy film which was directed by ToID Philips and produced by Legendary Picture.
From the comedy film, it is apparent that physical wellbeing is as a result of the choices that people make, with these choices ranging from the taking of proper diet; maintaining a trend of physical activities and exercises; staying away from drugs abuse and substance reliance; and maintaining a positive attitude to life. The place of diet as being important in the wellbeing is seen in the movie where Doug is left on the roof, meaning that he is not able to access any food needed for his survival. Resultantly, Doug is found on the rooftop by his friend, totally famished and weary by his friends. This underscores the fact that food is important for the sustenance of the body. It is most obvious that Mike Tyson is able to knock out Alan and his company for having stolen his tiger singlehandedly, since Mike Tyson is an individual who on the contrary has been complimenting his diet with consistent lifestyle of austere physical training and exercises. Thus, he is far much stronger than Alan and anyone else in Alan’s company.
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