Formulating answerable research questions for doctoral research [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/FTd0e1CKvfg

What are the key characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research questions? 
What are the most important considerations when drafting research questions for applied business research? 
Provide feedback on the research questions formulated by your classmates.

For students expecting to conduct a military-related study:
The Department of Defense and each military branch provide its own  requirements on human protections and IRB approval. Which DoD  regulations or limitations for conducting research are you familiar  with? When is DoD approval required? In what circumstances is DoD  permission not required? What changes in the research design could  prevent having to meet these additional (and time-consuming)  requirements? How can you expect your design to apply to a  military-related study without conducting a case study with a military  unit or soliciting data collection solely from active duty personnel?