DISCUSSION 1What does it mean to you to bring your best self to your work in th

DISCUSSION 1What does it mean to you to bring your best self to your work in the classroom?Provide an example of a time you brought your best self to a personal or professional project. In your response, describe the steps it took to be successful. How did you overcome obstacles?RESPOND TO CLASSMATES. Work to expand the discussion by contributing unique, relevant content (personal/professional experiences or examples) or by expanding and adding depth to the thoughts and ideas shared by your peers (presenting different strategies in the book, or new ideas and thoughts, or similar personal/professional experiences to connect with). Per the rubric criteria, responses should be relevant and meaningful as they relate to the topics presented in the discussion. Tiffany postBringing my “Best self” to work in the classroom means being a team player, an active listener, and accountable for my grades.  To me, I believe it is easy to give up and put in minimal effort with class participation and completing assignments.  But however, the discipline to dedicate 15 hours per week, note taking, and organization requires a strong will to do what is right as a student.  I aim to achieve academic success at SNHU.I worked in retail to make extra cash for the holidays one Christmas, as I was working on the cash register I realized there was no organization for the lines and none of the other cashiers were interested in organizing the lines either.   I took the initiative to designate areas for the customers to stand, eliminating confusion and aggravation during the holidays in the store.  Although I was worried about leaving from behind the counter, I felt like I needed to act fast in that moment.  The Managers were thankful and I was very proud of myself.  Olivia postBringing your best self to the classroom means a variety of things, including, always thinking ahead, adjusting to change, and having a positive outlook. Thinking ahead and having a plan is an instrumental tool when it comes to school and will play a major role in your success. The ability to adjust to change is an important skill to have in many different situations, however, it becomes highlighted in an online learning environment. The more positive and willing you are to bring your best self to your work in the classroom, the more impact you will have on your success. I believe that no matter what you should always attempt to bring the best version of yourself to any situation. With that being said I always try to bring the best version of myself not only to my professional life but also my personal one. My job in the hospitality industry requires me to perform a lot of customer service which can become very draining. It is very important for me to be consciously thinking about how my attitude plays into the guest experience. One thing I have found extremely helpful is implementing gratitude into everything I do. For example, remembering how grateful I am to have a job in a time like now helps immensely when I am feeling overwhelmed in a professional setting. 
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