After watching the Helios Airways 522 accident, discuss the following: 
Although the main cause of the Helios Airways accident was crew incapacitation due to hypoxia, aviation accidents rarely happen because of one single factor.

List the sequence of HUMAN FACTOR specific events in the error chain? Distinguish between the human factor events and other non-human factor events.
Do you think breaking any of the links in the HUMAN FACTOR Error Chain would have prevented this accident from happening? Which ones and why?
In addition, explain how hypoxia affected the crew of Helios Airways Flight 522…what are the symptoms and how could it have been avoided. Justify your answer using scholarly sources and evidence. 

 Your initial post must answer all parts of the discussion prompt. In addition to your own analysis, the use of external sources of information that you develop through research is highly recommended to support your stance. For full participation points, you must respond to at least 1 classmate.  Challenge their logic; question their rationale; defend your position; call attention to the course assignments; focus on the HF component of the discussion prompt. The grading rubric requires both citations and your reference for every discussion. 
Remember that all sources must be properly cited using APA style and formatting. In addition, your posts must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors in order to receive a 100% grade.