1. Review Chapter 9 and
study Dr. Juneja’s email. For each of the five points he makes, identify a
passage or passages in the original draft that could be improved as he
describes. Once you have done that, perform any necessary research to learn
more about 3D printing, and then revise Document 9.1 to improve
its coherence. Focus on the title, the headings, lists, and
paragraphs (including topic sentences, adequate support, and transitional
words and phrases). Note: You will address the “five points” as
part of your overall revision; it does not have to be a separate part of this
discussion forum.

2. Reflection: Return
to one of the sources you consulted as you further researched 3D printing.
Examine how effectively this source emphasizes important information. Explain
the ways in which this source follows or strays from the principles of emphasis
and coherence covered in the chapter. In presenting information about
3D printing, did any of your sources inspire ideas about how you might improve
the organization and development of your own draft? How so?