Discussion and 2 replies


In this final post, let’s just wrap up with a few general thoughts on the course and what you learned from the material. 

What did you learn most from the two research papers? What did you learn about the company you studied that was particularly interesting or surprising?
What did you learn about performing a financial analysis of a company that may come in handy for you in the future, in your studies, career, or personal investing? 
What were your favorite topics in the course? 
What were your most challenging topics in the course? 
Any study tools or tricks that worked best for you to learn this material? 
Any constructive suggestions for improvement? I don’t get a chance to provide them to course developers very often for changes I have no control over, but I can do my best to add anything I can to help. 

In your replies, just discuss the comments of your fellow students, say goodbye and offer any well-wishes!