Discussion Marketing

As most of you are aware, The President’sUniversal Health Care efforts resulted in what is commonly referred to as “OBAMA-Care” which is now in place and currently a very hot issue ……sparking unyielding controversy among the U.S. citizenry. This insurmountable attention and debate is centered around:
1. Individual Rights
2. True Capitalism /Free Enterprise? A new Capitalism? Is it Working?
3. The “Haves” and the “Have-not’s”
4. Too Much Government Regulation
5. Unfair Distribution of Wealth
6. Unethical practices
7. Corporations rule!
8. Shrinking Middle Class
9. Moral and Social Responsibility
All students must explain and elaborate on each major provision of “OBAMA-Care”. In addition, discuss the pro’s and con’s of this piece of historic legislation. Give a detailed explanations to support you position and be prepared to adequately defend your choice in response to your classmates’ opposition. I will be closely monitoring this forum to determine a grade scale for this assignment based your interactions. I expect debates, concessions, agreements, etc. By the way…..Don’t forget the resent Donald Trump factor/influence.