Discussion Posts


Discussion 1:

Transportation & logistics management

This week you will discuss security measures in TLM.  What security measures are currently in place? Are they effective? Why or why not? What are the challenges that exist in continuous process improvement? How do these security measures affect transportation and logistics management? You will have to conduct online research to complete this assignment. Likewise, you will need to select one mode of transportation to effectively discuss this topic in specific detail. Discuss in detail and provide sources to support your thoughts, insights, ideas, and statements. 

Discussion 2:

What advantages has containerization in maritime shipping brought ?  Are there any parallels with the air freight industry ?

Discussion 3:

CO6: Utilize quantitative forecasting methods with time series data 

Discussion Prompt:
After carefully reading Chapter 5 in your textbook and reviewing the additional resources in the Content area of the classroom, think about forecasting using Time-series Data in your organization.  Address the three subjects below:

What are the various ways a forecast can go wrong using historic data to predict future requirements, resources, or customer demands?  

What statistical methods are used to “sense demand signals, shape demand, and forecast demand” (Chase, p. 126).

What time-series data is used to forecast future demand for products, services, or activities in your organization?  From your experience, how accurate is the time-series data that is used to forecast and how accurate are the forecasts?