Economic and International Organization

There’re 4 Questions:
1- for developing countries, given the limited development of their economic, generating opportunities for growth is a permanent quest. However, abuses can take place under the claim of the welfare of the country. Compare the of Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya in the last 15 years for: export growth, trade balance, GDP growth, GDP capita and their respect for rights Huma right.
a. Rank countries based on best economic.
b. Rank countries based on their respect of human rights. Is this the same country as in “a”? If not, what do you attribute the differences to?
C. Are there any common pattems in economic performance? (Are they relied on the economic pattern common or differences?)
D. Do you observe increasing respect for the human rights of peopl Why or why not?
( use WDI, Human right watch and other sources in a. Also, create table and put the number for these countries)
(D: how do you see the evolution of this countries? ethnic)
(Also, make conclusion at the end of the answer)

2. Consider two similar economic size, India and Brazil. Analyze and compare the similarities or differences of their growth path and their presence in main international governmen organization starting 2010 until now. If they have a differen organizations, what do you attribute the differences to? Fully explain.
( international governmen organization: UN, IMF and World Bank)
(Also, recording of voting in these countries)

3. By GDP per capital, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, and the Central African Republic are among the poorest countries in the world. SDG #1 (No Poverty) and SGD #2 (Zero Hunger) specifically focus on reducing (or ending) aspects connected to the struggle of people connected to it:
a. Indicate the progress on decreasing poverty and hunger that the three countries achieved since 2010. As information on poverty indicators may not be fully available, use alternative indicators if needed.
b. What country seems to be doing best? What seems to be behind that success?
c. What lessons -positive or negative- could countries learn from one another in this search to achieve both SDGs?
(a. Use Numbers) ( poverty level, food security and nutrition)

4. After being reluctant for some years, China is increasingly demanding recognition and presence with decision power in international organizations. Explain how the involvement of China could contribute or make it more difficult to reaching the SDGs. What is the role of credibility?
(analyze, compare to other countries, recording how China voting)
(Also, make conclusion)

Finally, use APA format citation and put it in the references in the end of answers.