Economic Brief

Describe the different types of economic systems and the role of government in economics

Identify economic principles and their applications by interpreting diagrams and graphs
Describe how trade impacts a specific industry
Describe how government decisions can impact market outcomes
Recognize industry related strategies to enhance economic efficiency

Similar to your first assignment, this assignment also requires you to develop an economic brief.
Remember, an economic brief provides a snapshot, or short summary, related to an economic concept,
which is generally just a few pages long and may include additional visuals like a graph, chart, or table.
With your selected industry from Assignment 1 in mind, develop an economic brief in which you address
the following items:
1. How does trade impact the goods and/or services that this industry provides?

What economic principles (e.g., trade, globalization, government spending, fiscal policy, and debt, etc.) would impact strategic decisions for this industry?
Include an existing graph, chart, or table that relates to your summary.
How do government strategies impact this industry?

Industry Background Resources
These resources are available to help you:

Industries at a Glance
Mergent OnlineHelp Video on Mergent Industry Reports
Business Source CompleteUnited States Industry ProfilesAll Industry Profiles by Country (select Industry Profiles in left menu Source Types)
Flipster Online MagazinesScroll through to view these recommendations: Bloomberg Businessweek and Fast Company