Education presentation

Education Presentation Prompt
See Course Agenda in Syllabus for times to Present
A PowerPoint must be submitted to Canvas
The topic of the paper and the presentation are the same, they are conjoined. Conceptualize the 1st Essay and 1stPresentation as two different aspects of the same assignment.
Presentation Instructions
For the presentation, you will give a formal academic presentation of your paper to the class. The content of the presentation should reflect the main ideas of the paper. Presentation materials must be submitted on Canvas before you present. See the “Course Agenda” on the syllabus for times to present. Requirements are the following:
• 5 minutes (4-7 minutes)
• Minimum of 1-3 sources cited
• Supporting evidence
• Proper oral and non-verbal Presentation skills
• A PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi must be submitted to Canvas
• See the Oral Communications Grading Rubric for further details