Environmental Waste Management

Environmental Waste ManagementPaper details:Question 1 Define the following: Environment Environmentalist Ecology Eco-climate Question 2 Describe the following values with regard to nature conservation: a) Ecological b) Economic c) Aesthetic Question 3 What is “Overkill”, how did it develop and what are its effects? Question 4 What is the difference between sewage and sewerage? Question 5 What are the effects of untreated sewage discharges within a community? Question 6 Explain how the decomposition of sewage occurs. Question 7 Explain how the character of refuse has changed over the last few decades Question 8 In order to avoid nuisance and to ensure efficiency, what are the general considerations that must be kept in mind when selecting a site for an incineration plant? Question 9 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using refuse as fertiliser? State the composition of the fertilizer Question 10 Describe in detail the process of controlled tipping. What precautions should be taken to prevent fire on the tip? Question 11 What is Global Warming, how did it develop and what are its effects on the planet? Question 12 Explain the causes of ozone depletion and its consequences Question 13 Describe the three levels at a nuclear power station and detail what each contains. Question 14 Give a brief explanation of the process of nuclear fission. Question 15 Describe two processes of uranium enrichment. What are the products of these processes? Question 16 What is the purpose of a nuclear reprocessing plant? Explain briefly how the process works. Question 17 Explain the pricing approach to environmental issues of waste management. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Question 18 What are the effects of impure water within a community? Question 19 What are filth-borne diseases? What are their causes and symptoms? Question 20 How is water purified? Describe the various methods of water purification. Question 21 Describe what action can be taken to recycle the following materials. In each case describe the process of recycling: • Cans • Paper • Glass • Motor vehicle tyres Question 22 Explain how gas can be extracted from landfills and used as a fuel. Question 23 How can domestic waste be reduced? Question 24 Briefly explain what the future is of recycling in your own country. (England) Question 25 In your own words, summarise the major learning points from the whole of the study programme with particular reference to: Conservation and Waste Domestic Waste Industrial Waste Water and its Treatment Waste and Recycling Question 26 With reference to your own learning summarise how you will be able to utilise these theories when working in everyday situation.