Essay on Community

Long-form writing offers you the opportunity to develop ideas with more nuance and complexity, and it gives you the chance to include more detailed or more varied supporting evidence.

Create argument-driven, evidence-based essay that addresses a significant problem in your community today. You do not need to solve the problem, but you should consider specific efforts to solve it or potential solutions.

Please follow the APA style guide. The essay should be double-spaced, typed, and uploaded as a PDF.


Q: Do I need to indicate the word count?
A: Yes, include it at the end of your essay. ex) **Word count: **802 words.

Q: How many paragraphs do I need write?
A: At least five: an introduction, three or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Here’s a sample outline that we covered in Forum Session 14 and in Face-to-face Session 7.

Q: Who is the audience of the essay?
A: The audience can be your classmates, your professor, or members of your community. Be sure to indicate the audience you chose at the end of your essay. ex) Audience: My classmates.

Q: What types of evidence should I use in my essay?
A: You may choose different types of evidence that we discussed in Session 17. Include one scholarly source (article published in a peer-reviewed journal).

Q: I have questions about library research. What should I do?
A: Schedule an appointment with a librarian. You can also ask your questions to professors or TAs during their office hours or via email.