evaluation of training

Evaluation is a crucial component of training and development, because it allows HR professionals to determine whether or not their initiatives are producing the desired results. HR professionals should be aware of a variety of evaluation outcomes, practices, and designs when assessing the results of training programs. In aIDition, HR professionals should have the necessary skills for revising and improving training programs when results fall short of expectations.
In this week’s Assignment, you review the case study entitled, Appendix B: What Went Wrong at University Hospital (Part 1), found in this week’s Learning Resources. (Note: For this Assignment, please only read this section of the case study, as you will be examining this case study further in subsequent weeks.) As you read through this case study, try to imagine that you are a member of an outside consultant team hired by Pat. As you assess the situation, determine how you might suggest improvements for Pat to implement.
To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 4- to 5-page paper:
•Evaluate the design and implementation of a training initiative.?Describe two factors that made Pat and Wei’s first approach to training inadequate. In aIDition, describe two factors that caused Pat and Wei’s second approach to be inadequate.?Describe one ineffective training technique the design engineers used in their first approach of facilitating the training. In aIDition, describe how the design engineers improved their second training, but still failed to meet the needs of all employees.?Justify your response by citing the needs, characteristics, and learning styles of adult learners.•Formulate suggestions for improving future training initiatives.?If you were Pat or Wei, how would you approach training??Justify your response by citing at least three specific improvements you would make to the training process.•Analyze the importance of effective evaluation designs.?Describe at least two ways an effective evaluation design could have helped Pat and Wei adjust their training before employees became frustrated, or disengaged with the new technology.?Propose an evaluation design that you could use to assess employee knowledge and application of this new technology.