Explain Eyewitness memory from a psychological perspective and its impact on the practice of police psychology

Police psychology is a wide, still-developing field. Pick a topic pertinent to the contemporary field of police psychology and, in a research paper, analyze its impact on the field from a psychological perspective.
Choose from one of the following topics:
– Family support and the role of a police psychologist
– Responding to workplace violence calls
– Eyewitness memory
– Dealing with officer-involved shootings
– Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSDs) and first responders
– Effectiveness of therapy for officers
– Latest research on psychological instruments to assess police officer suitability
Create a 10 page paper in APA format, include an abstract and introduction, addressing the following for one of the topics listed above:
– Explain the particular issue or phenomenon . As any issue has multiple perspectives, each of these perspectives should be researched, explained, and related.
– Culminate the facts and various perspectives into your own well-thought-out conclusion that directly relates to your thesis presented in the abstract and introduction of the paper.
Grading Criteria:
– Thesis Statement
– Argument
– Presentation of support
– Opposing Arguments
– Responding to Opposing Arguments
– APA Format written in a clear and concise format