Field Research

The 7-page Research Report will provide information on a supervisor in your field.  Your paper should focus primarily on these four core areas (body of paper is only three pages, so be concise is key)

Key duties of the supervisor.
Skills needed to be a successful supervisor or manager.
Description of their most challenging issue and most rewarding of being a supervisor.
Suggestions for one preparing to enter the profession.

A benchmark for the length of report is seven pages. 
Page 1 Title page
Page 2. Abstract
Page 3, 4 and 5:  Body of the report covering the four bullets above
Page 6. Reference List

Description of the Field Research Project:
Each learner must recruit a Supervisor working in a technology field, tour their facility (optional), and conduct an on-site interview.  Selection of the Supervisor must be done early in the semester to enable positive learning outcomes on this major project.  Selecting a supervisor from the learners own workplace will not be acceptable due to concerns about conflict of interest; however, exceptions can be made especially in large corporations.  It is the learners responsibility to show initiative and select the supervisor based on location, network of helpful friends and associates, and career interests.  All learners in this class are recognized as ambassadors of ECU TSYS and are expected to perform in a professional and respectful manner to complete the interview, report, and obtain the Supervisors project evaluation. 
Pseudonyms (imaginary names) will be used for the name of the company and location (if supervisor or company deems it necessary). The purpose of the interview will be to learn firsthand what it is like to supervise, motivate, and evaluate the performance of others in a real work environment.  Interview questions should concentrate on bulleted list from above. 

Content from this interview needs to be comprehensive and will serve as a starting point for a 7-page written research report. Must be based on significant content from both research (minimum: two outside resources) and the field study, and must contain quotations and citations for direct and paraphrased content following requirements from APA Guidelines.