Film Review

You NEED TO WATCH the videos listed below (preferably in the order noted) and write a 250-300 word response for each. As part of each response, you are to note the TWO MOST INTERESTING things you learned in that video and DESCRIBE why you found these insights of interest.

Because there are 6 videos, your finished paper will be between 1500-2000 words in length. This is a free-response assignment, so there is no need to provide references or follow a particular style. However, your submitted paper will be checked using turnitin (Links to an external site.) to ensure that it is an original work and that you did not simply copy or cut and paste text from elsewhere.

The VIDEOS and the order in which you should watch them – are LISTED HERE:
1. Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life:
2. Your Inner Fish:
3. Your Inner Reptile:
4. A Winning Design:
5. Life in the Trees:
6. Food for Thought: