Filo IO Assignment

In this assignment, you will practice using recursion, as well as file operations. Submit a single ZIP file called containing your IntelliJ project. This assignment has 50 marks see the marking scheme posted on cuLearn for details.Assume that we have an assembly line that can take a picture of a machine part which moves along a conveyor belt. The picture (or image) is represented as a 2D grid of pixels which are either black or white. The pixels can be accessed by specifying the row and column of the pixel where rows and columns are specified by an integer value. The machine examines the images and attempts to determine whether or not the parts are broken. A broken part will appear as a set of black pixels which are not all connected together (i.e., there is a separation between one or more sets of black pixel groups. Here are some examples of four possible images. Note that (c) and (d) represent images of broken parts. The red border represents the perimeter of a part composed of black pixels.
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