FIN3403 St Petersburg College Week 3 Home Amortization Schedule Discussion

I want you to find a home that you would like to buy.
Use Google, Zillow,, or another real estate site to find a home. Make sure to include the link for the home in your discussion post.
Next, prepare an Amortization Schedule for this home. I expect the amortization schedule to be completed in Excel with all work shown in Excel. Thus, I should be able to click on any cell and see your work embedded in that cell. If this is not done, it will be an automatic 50% deduction.
Assume you pay the full asking price and make a 20% down-payment. Do not use an online amortization schedule. I will only give you credit if you create your own amortization table.
Please complete your schedule for both 180 months (15 years) and 360 months (30 years).
Find the appropriate interest rate for your area at Bankrate. Remember to divide your interest by 12 to get a monthly rate.
After completing the amortization schedule, in a separate word document, discuss what you found: How much interest will you pay over the life of each loan? You can determine this by summing all the payments and subtracting the amount borrowed.
This is all the information on my rubric please ask me if you have any questions at all!