Freedom & Justice

Your THESIS should…– be 1 sentence only,– directly address the prompt you picked,– accurately project/describe what will be written about in the two body paragraphs to follow, – be legible and easy to read because you used correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.Each of your TWO BODY PARAGRAPHS should…– start with a TOPIC SENTENCE that directly supports the thesis and tells the reader what this paragraph will be about,– include the correct number and type of quotes/summaries/paraphrases and follows up each these with an explanation, in your own words, of what you think the quote/summary/paraphrase means in light of your paragraph’s topic sentence and your essay’s overall thesis,– is legible and easy to read because you used correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.– only includes information relevant to its topic sentence.
Pick a character (fictional or autobiographical) from two different stories weve read so far this semester and explain how each struggled to exercise their personal freedom through reading, writing, or storytelling. How, through these actions, did each of the two characters fight for freedom (physical, emotional, or both) through reading, writing, or storytelling? In your judgement, which character was more successful than the other and why?  Include two quotes from each of these two authors (or summaries/paraphrases of those quotes, if the quotes are too long to include) to support your discussion.
the two reading that I would like you to use are “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave” and Sor Juana Ins de la Cruz, Response to the poet.”