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Topic 1. The Civil War forced millions of Americans to confront death on an unprecedented scale.  How did the nation deal with the hundreds of thousands of killed, wounded, and missing in the Civil War?  How were the wounded treated?  How and where were the dead buried?  How were those killed in the Civil War to be memorialized?  The Civil War also produced the first real anti-war novel in the United States–Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage.  How did the experience of the Civil War transform Americans’ attitudes about war?

Please it is a must that you use the powerpoint im providing as a source and the video discussions im providing every paragraph must be cited were the infromation was from ect poerpoint chapter 15 page 5 or videio discusionthe legacy min 5.5 he checks cites its a big fail if we use outside sources or the information is not found were we cited