healthcare ethics

Making careful use of the readings from A Multi disciplinary Approach to Health Care Ethics,, give thoughtful, well reasoned answers the following questions;. Be sure to answer each part of each question, bearing in mind that I am looking for accuracy in using class materials, application of class materials, and effective writing. Use chapter 1 in the book A Multi disciplinary Approach to Health Care Ethics by professor drew hinderer.
Question 1. Use chapter 1 to answerDo health care workers have any moral or professional obligation to live their values? Amy Zis a respiratory therapist who conducts smoking cessation clinics as a regular part of herresponsibilities. She is very knowledgeable and effective as a presenter, and many patientshave found her very helpful as they have tried to quit. Amy herself, however, is a moderatesmoker. And though she never smokes before a presentation or where patients might see her,she often lights up on breaks and elsewhere on her own time. Is there anything unprofessionalor etJrically irresponsible about this? Or is there a sharp distinction between professional andpersonal ethics? Explain, making reference to the discussion in the text.
Question 2 use chapter 2You have been appointed to chair the hospital’s institutional ethics committee. How would you reply to each of the following observations? Be sure to explain why.a. “Ultimately, ethics and religion are so intertwined that we really need to invite FatherCuiatkowski, and Rabbi Bernstein, to lead the Committee.”b. “Whatever else we do, we have to get the hospital legal counsel on the Committee. Shecan keep us from getting into an ethical sink hole that might lead to law suits.”c. “I’m not sure we really need an ethics committee. Health care professionals are caring professionals who should just trust their consciences
Question 3 use chapter 3Jenna R. is a home care nurse visiting Mr. P, who is occasionally lucid, but usually a littleconfused. Mr. P is mostly bedriIDen, but he is cared for by his wife, and sometimes by a 20year old son, Ben, who appears to live at home. On several occasions, Jenna has smelledmarijuana smoke in the house. Jenna has asked Mrs. P to make sure there is no marijuana inthe house during her home care visits, but Mrs. P’s promises seem to have no effect. Today,Jennaa entered through the kitchen and found Ben with several of his friends smoking andpacking marijuana into potato chip bags. Following the procedure given in Chapter 3,determine what you think Jenna ought to do in this situation. Be sure to explain the basis ofyour value priorities.The source must be the book A multi disciplinary approrach to health care ethics by drew Prof. drew hinderer