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Students, Please attach responses to the link provided.DO NOT TYPE THE ANSWERS DIRECTLY INTO THE TEXT BOX. All answers should be typed in a WORD DOC and attached to the link provided in the assignment. This is the same process students use to submit writing assignments. I will not accept assignments that are not in the proper format. This also includes documents that are created in an .rtf, .wps, or .odt format. My computer only reads .doc and .docx. If a student has Word this is done for them automatically.For one point a piece please answer the following: For the first two questions please go to the Instructor Insights link and watch the video entitled “The Progressive Era.” Name two of the corporations that the Roosevelt administration sued because of Sherman Anti-Trust violations. Taft becomes the only US president to do what? For the next two questions please go to the Instructor Insights link and watch the video entitled “America Becomes A World Power.” What arguments did the anti-imperialists make against US expansion? Identify one of the expansion events.  For the last question please go to the scenario. The students watch a video entitled “A Nation of Drunkards” watch it with them and answer the following question:  In what way did women Progressives address the issue of alcoholism? How did they push for reform in a way that was acceptable?   Please go to icampus for Strayer UniversityYou have to have my password in order to look at scenarios and videos for these extra credit questions.I don’t mind giving you my username and password. As a matter of fact, just keep it since I will be using youon a consistent basis. (LOL) PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO ANYONE!!!! I TRUST YOU.Username: SU200197960Password: [email protected]   Thanks
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