Honda corporate assessment | Accounting homework help

The company will be Honda. This assessment has THREE parts as shown below. Name of Company: 
Brief Introduction & Key Issues
Provide a brief (1-2 paragraphs) introduction of the firm and the most pressing issues from the case.
Analysis: There are four parts to this analysis
External analysis (i.e. General Macro Environment, Five Forces)Internal analysis (i.e. VRIO)Examination of the firm’s business-level strategyExamination of the firm’s corporate-level strategy
Strategic Recommendations and Justification
Recommendations should respond to the key issues of the case, and must be specific and actionable. Your recommendations must also be consistent with your analysis.This time consider the firm’s partnerships and international presence – if any – that makes it competitive.  Describe if there exist any gaps in strategy related to an international strategy. This time consider the firm’s financial standing in the industry and generally when making recommendations.